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From June 20th 2013 to August 23rd 2013  / 

Aspects of the Global Village - The Television Era in Canada, 1950-2000

The Cinémathèque québécoise presents, in collaboration with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) /Société Radio-Canada (SRC), Aspects of  the Global Village - The Television Era in Canada, 1950-2000.

Opening: Thursday, June 20, 5:30 p.m.

This exhibition features a selection from the Moses Znaimer collection of vintage television sets of which the Cinémathèque is the custodian. It offers an overview of over 50 years of television, showcasing the evolution of the television set from the 1930s to 1999. During the 50s, the TV set started out as a piece of furniture similar to a radio, but with pictures. And much like radios, TVs became more and more portable thanks to miniaturization. This exhibiont also includes excerpts from television shows dating back to the 1950s, up to the year 2000, illustrating television's stylistic evolution rather than program typology. Aspects of  the Global Village outlines the evolution of a phenomenon that has taken many forms through the proliferation of screens and channels, and includes the emergence of video as a tool for artists, activists, educators, as well as for home movies. This unique presentation provides an amazing tableau of the television era.

Head Curator: Jean Gagnon, Director, Collections, Cinémathèque québécoise
Curator, Televisual content: Nancy Marcotte
Associate Curator, English-Canadian television: Roy Harris
Associate Curator, Inuit television: Marie-Hélène Cousineau
Exhibition scenography and design: Marc Fournel
Graphic design: Catherine Parent
Editing of video excerpts: Nathalie Bujold
Translation and editing, French: Colette Tougas; translation and editing, English: Kathe Roth

Numerous members of the Cinémathèque's personnel have contributed to this exhibition: Anthu Vu, head of Technical Services; Nicole Laurin, Archivist, Collections relating to the cinema, television and new media collections; Claudine Viens and Véronique Plante, Museology Technicians, Marie-Pierre Lessard, Cataloguing and Collections Technician; Alain Gauthier, Exhibitions Coordinator; Lorraine Le Blanc, Documentalist, Médiathèque Guy-L-Côté; Luc Zéphir, our messenger.

This exhibition is funded by financial support from Canadian Heritage and contributions from Télé-Québec, Musique plus and the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation (IBC).

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