June, 17th 2021


From May 14th 2015 to June 28th 2015  / 


Topologies is a multichannel audiovisual installation where the iconic paintings Las Meninas (1656) by Diego Velázquez and Immacolata Concezione (1767-1769) by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo are transformed into complex digital structures. This diptych is based on the work of Quayola on the analysis and reinterpretation of historical artworks via computational methods. By removing iconographic narratives, the paintings lose their original context and become new objects of contemplation.

Known for his enigmatic video installations, Quayola creates hybrid spaces of animated painting and sculpture. Engaging in a practice of audiovisual performance, drawing, photography and software programming, he explores the fine line between the real and the artificial.

Born in Rome (Italy) in 1982, Davide Quayola lives and works in London (United Kingdom).

An installation presented by Elektra and the Cinémathèque québécoise



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